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Social Service and Demographic Cluster

To develop the National Human Resources towards the enhancement of quality of life and the national socio-economic well being.


  • To monitor and provide policy advice on social sector development strategy
  • To identify, monitor and advise on the implementation and review of social development goals and targets
  • To analyse and monitor social development trends
  • To evolve strategies for promoting private sector and community participation in the provision of social services
  • To initiate and conduct studies and research on emerging social issues
  • To analyse and advise on the review and formulation strategies for human resources development planning e.g. training, skills. development and optimum utilization of available resources
  • To monitor the implementation of the population policy and advice accordingly
  • To make follow up and advise on the issues of human migration and settlement
  • To advice on the integration of cross-cutting issues (HIV/AIDS, gender into HR development planning

The Cluster will have the following areas of concentration (agendas):

  • Education
  • Health
  • Water and sanitation
  • Population
  • Environment
  • HIV/AIDS issues
  • Gender issues
  • Social welfare
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Human migration
  • Urbanization
  • Information
  • Employment
  • Skills development
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Legal Services
  • Human Rights

The Cluster will be responsible for the following activities:­-

  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on the review of population policy
  • Analyse and disseminate population and development data
  • Identify and conduct population and development research and advice accordingly
  • Training in population and development
  • Advise on the integration of population variables in development planning
    Monitor, evaluate and advise on human migration, settlement and environment
  • Integrate cross-cutting issues (HIV/AIDS, Gender) on population issues
  • Analyse and monitor social development policies and strategies and advise accordingly
  • Initiate studies research on social development issues.
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on setting and implementing of social development goals and targets
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on the promotion of private, community and other non-state actors in the provision of social services
  • Follow-up on fair globalisation issues and advise accordingly Monitor, analyse and advise on the implementation and management of social sector development strategy
  • Formulate human resources development strategies and monitor their implementation
  • Analyse and review human resource utilization in public and private sectors and advice accordingly
  • Monitor, evaluate and advise on the implementation of employment creation strategies and programmes
  • Identify national skills requirements and advice on the development of strategies for implementation
  • Analyse and advise on the effectiveness of foreign technical personnel programmes
  • Produce periodic Human Resources Development reports

    The Cluster will be led by a Deputy Executive Secretary
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